Rely on our industry-specific experience to help you navigate business and technology challenges

Managed Business Services for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations, their management, board members, and stakeholders are seeking strategic financial leadership, timely, accurate financial information and wide-ranging transparency while delivering on their mission in today’s competitive environment.

Many non-profit organizations struggle with recruiting and retaining the right complement of technically proficient resources for their accounting department. Their business processes, workflow, and internal controls may not be as efficient and effective as the community at large demands.

On the technology front, many organizations maintain legacy or inadequate systems that are no longer adding value and have reached their peak potential. Additionally, countless organizations are not taking advantage of systems that support and streamline key business functions including bill pay and time and expense processing and reporting.

Cordia Partners’ non-profit team has the experience and knowledge to help your organization navigate the business and technology challenges you face while you deliver on your mission in a cost-effective manner.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the excellent work by the Sage Intacct team at Cordia. Lisa, Abe, Christopher, Kristen, and others really are the best. As we say at Rare, they are solutionologists. There isn’t one problem that we have thrown at them that they haven’t been able to resolve, and this is after years of struggling with the same issues. I and the Finance team at Rare finally feel like we have a true Intacct partner with Cordia.”

Cathy Stewart,

Outsourced Accounting Services – Managed Services

Cordia’s outsourced accounting services offering is based on leveraging great people, efficient and effective business processes with leading cloud based technologies such as Sage Intacct and, which are endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from outsourcing the entire accounting function down to certain strategic roles.

  • Core accounting services provided by staff knowledgeable and experienced in working with a full range of non-profit organizations
  • Additional industry specific accounting services for non-profit organizations:
    • Grant reporting and compliance
    • Investment reporting and reconciliation
    • Reconciliation of member data base and deferred revenue
  • Access to tools developed by Cordia specifically for non-profit organizations operating on our delivery platform
  • Minimal up-front capital investment – pay as you grow
  • The Sage Intacct cloud technology platform is state-of-the-art and offers the highest levels of security in the industry; your financial data and business information is always safe, secure and accurate
  • Cordia manages software and hardware upgrades and maintenance of your accounting applications
Consulting and Advisory Services

Non-profit organizations play an essential role in our communities and economy, filling the gap between the private sector and government services. At the same time, non-profit leaders face increasing pressure to deliver greater mission impact at lower cost. The experienced professionals at Cordia Partners help organizations meet these expectations with practical ideas that are focused on the needs of the client. Consulting services offered by Cordia include:

  • Finance department diagnostic assessment
  • Board and governance collaboration
  • Cost allocation review
  • Development of operating plans and budgets
  • Clean-up and catch-up support
  • Year end audit support
  • Reserve strategy and policy
  • Investment policy
  • Alternate revenue streams
  • Business performance improvement
  • Technology consulting
Technology Solutions

Cordia Partners utilizes Sage Intacct’s cloud-based accounting platform to deliver outsourced accounting services to our non-profit clients. This best-in-class platform delivers a flexible cloud infrastructure that makes it easy and cost effective to integrate, configure, and extend the system to the level of customization your organization requires. The Sage Intacct system is an open source platform that fully and seamlessly integrates with other leading cloud technology systems that serve the non-profit sector including Salesforce,, Concur, Tallie, Avectra, and many others.

Sage Intacct is the award-winning cloud financial management and accounting system specifically designed to help small and mid-sized enterprises improve company performance. Designed from the start as a true multi-tenant, cloud accounting solution, Sage Intacct provides immediate deployment and scalable flexibility. You can define and configure Sage Intacct to best support your organization—and easily integrate with CRM, payroll and membership applications.

Learn more about the Sage Intacct products we support or to schedule a free demo, contact us today.