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Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and solutions for project-based businesses. Their suite of cloud solutions is designed for government contractors who want to stay in compliance with changing government regulations, improved efficiency, and prepared for future challenges in digital transformation to remain competitive.

Cordia and Deltek

As an Advanced Deltek Partner, Cordia Partners supports commercial clients, including government contractors, with the implementation and optimization of the Deltek Costpoint ERP software. We also service government contractors who wish to outsource their accounting function using Deltek systems. Cordia’s technology consultants are fully trained and certified to implement and integrate the full suite of Deltek products while leveraging the best practices that we have developed as users of the system for our outsourcing clients. Since joining as a Deltek Partner in 2004, we have developed numerous tools and processes to aid in the successful deployment and optimization of the system.

Cordia Services
  • Business process assessment
  • System Implementation
    • Deltek Costpoint
    • Deltek Time & Expense
  • Deltek Essentials & Enterprise Cloud (Costpoint SaaS)
  • Integration with other systems
  • System optimization
  • Training
  • Support
Highlighted features
  • 30+ years as the leading ERP for government contract accounting
  • Scalable, flexible, and secure platform that’s available in the Cloud
  • Three-dimensional accounting (by Account, Organization, and Project)
  • Contract Management Tool
  • Real-time Project Management
  • Leading Project Accounting
  • Detailed work breakdown structures
  • Flexible direct and indirect cost pools
  • Government required forms and reports
  • Automatic revenue calculations
  • Detailed profitability analysis provided through Project Status Reports
  • WAWF / ACRN electronic invoicing support
  • Multi-company and multi-currency support
Deltek Products Supported by Cordia

Deltek solutions for government contractors were built to support both the daily project needs and the long-term goals of government contractors. Whether you are a small start-up or a large prime contractor, Deltek offers solutions that support every stage of the project lifecycle.

When implemented by our team of experienced Deltek consultants, Deltek products will improve overall business performance management, streamline operations, and optimize compliance processes.

  • Deltek Costpoint
  • Deltek Time & Expense
  • Deltek Essentials & Enterprise Cloud (Costpoint SaaS)
Industries Served

Consider Deltek for project focused businesses in the following industries:

  • Government contractors
  • Federally funded non-profit organizations
  • Commercial professional service firms